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Iron is a troublesome mineral when found in drinking water.  It makes up 5 percent of the earth’s crust.  As rainwater soaks into the ground, it dissolves iron.  It then enters into the aquifers that your well water comes from.  As little as 0.3mg/L can cause water to turn a reddish brown color.  Your sinks, tubs, and clothes can also become stained.  Iron can also cause your water to have a metallic taste.  When combined with tea, coffee, and other drinks, it produces a very undesirable taste.  Cooking vegetables in water containing iron can cause them to become dark looking. 
Funks Klear Water can perform a free Water Test on your water to determine the amount of iron in it.  The best way to treat iron in water is with a Sanitizer Plus water conditioner.  This unit can treat up to 10 mg/L of iron.  It will remove the iron from your water leaving you with clean, clear, and good tasting water.

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